Aura Cameroun LLC specialises in the treatment of water for human consumption. We serve clients ranging from individuals, to businesses and hospitals. We have a wide array of water-solutions equipments for our clients including water purifiers and domestic or industrial reverse osmosis systems. Our suppliers include top organisations in the water treatment sector like J&D water, Ihlas Holdings and American Purepro. 

What we do

We mainly organize our activities around four areas including:

- Providing households with state-of-the-art technologies for water treatment at home

- Offering top quality portable water in our branches
- Providing businesses, industrial complexes and hospitals with appropriate and efficient water solutions for their needs and activities

- Helping rural populations gain access to clean water through the building of fountains and water cleaning systems in rural areas

How we go about our work

Our technologies get rid of all dirts and particles in your water. Our purifiers and reverse osmosis devices will eliminate all germs, odors and chemical substances

from your water. We are confident, we can meet your expectations of gaining access to clean, pure and quality drinkable water be it at home, in your office or your

industrial facility.

 If you need to find out how we clean water, then pop in into of our branches in Douala and Yaoundé to get to know how our devices work. Our sales representatives will also tell you about

drinking our water can help prevent diabetis or cancer for example. The water treatment process with an infra-red or alkaline filter has a lot of benefits for your health and the well-being of

your closed ones.  You can buy water for you and your family at a very affordable rate too.

 We help people in rural areas gain access to clean drinkable water. This is part of our social responsability strategy of assissting all people in Cameroun in gaining access to portable water.

3.6 million people reportedly die each year from drinking poor quality water and 1.5 million children under 5 die from diarrhoea each year. Our engineers can, using water from a river or a

stream in a village, build a fountain or a public tap that provide clean, pure and drinkable water to populations.

Our People

AURA CAMEROON aims for a diverse and united workforce made up of:

- Sales Representatives to advise you on the best solutions for your home, office and industrial facility

- An after sales service made up of technicians ready to help in case you need any assistance with your equipment

- A research and development working on coming up with innovations to satisfy our clients

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Our Services

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